#005: The Phone is Your Friend to Make Great Friends, How to Make Friends in Our Busy Life [Podcast]


In an age of electronic connections, we can forget the power of person-to-person/voice-to-voice connections. There is a recent University of Michigan study that confirms we need person to person connections. Here is a link to that article: University of Michigan Research.

This podcast affected me, Doug, enough to pick up the phone and call my friends more. It is a simple concept, yet we all can use the encouragement to call others.


In this episode, we interview a man near and dear to us, Dad. Known to others as Jim Terpening. Jim was successful while working in upper management for Southern California Edison. Yet, he does something we find even more impressive. He applies a lost art to friendship.  He calls them on the phone. In this interview, he shares his down to earth examples and tips on how to call your friends.

Now, you might say, calling people is quite easy. True. Yet, how often do we do it?  Rare and rarer is our experience. We dispel some myths about calling others, like won’t they be annoyed that I am calling them just to say Hi.

Here are the topics we cover in the interview:

  • Calling others is one of the best ways to initiate and deepen a friendship.
  • No one has ever said to him, please don’t call me.  They are glad he calls.
  • People may be suspicious at first when you call. Don’t give up after 2 calls. It takes 3 to 6 calls for them to be confident you simply calling as a friend.
  • My dad calls 5 people a week. He only gets 1 call from others every 12 weeks that is 1 in 60 calls he gets back. It isn’t a sign they don’t want him to call. People rarely call each other.
  • Why does he call? To bless others.
  • When does he call? Whenever he has a moment.
  • His magic words to start the conversation are: How are things going? I’m calling to see how you are.

If you have any questions for Jim, please email us at doug@LifeWithGreatFriends.com or for any other question.

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