#014: An interview with Cliff Ravenscraft. How do I ________ about others?


It is amazing how much my emotions can swing from joy to sorrow and back again based on small life events or interactions. In this interview with Cliff Ravenscraft, he reminds me what my life is about. When I get this correct, so much goes right inside me.

This interview is about how to connect with others. Near the end of the interview, Cliff shares strong and needed words on how to remember other’s names and facts about them. He gives both practical tips and general concepts.

Give more than you take to connect with others

by Leslie Flic

Cliff Ravenscraft is THE podcast answerman. He has produced over 3,000 podcasts. He has a wonderful, amazing, stupendous and fabulous podcasting course, called Podcasting A to Z.  Many of the top podcasters went through this course or have hired Cliff to help them.

I connected with Cliff during the Podcast A to Z class. There is something about him that draws you in. His secret sauce to success is that he cares about others. He is intentional. He is committed. I took away a meaningful new word and thought about friends from this interview and we think you will too.

Cliff Ravenscraft

Cliff Ravenscraft

For more information about Cliff, here is a video about his story from financially secure to broke to making it. He shares the real parts of the story.  It is worth watching.  http://podcastanswerman.com/about/ Cliff’s story is about how his hobby turned into a full-time job. Yet, it wasn’t by chance or luck.  He explains his frame of mind as he approaches his business. I found this very relevant to making friends, because he basically says, “I was a friend. I cared about others.”

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