#016: How Can You Get 500 People Around Your Table? Interview with Sarah Harmeyer [podcast]


What if your goal was to see 500 people sitting around your backyard table within a year?  What if your place was a normal suburban home?  Your kitchen is small and you cook all the food yourself.  This is exactly the goal that Sarah Harmeyer set out for herself.

And she made it with orange formica countertops! The reason she hosts people in her backyard is because her house is too small to host people.  She is just like many of us.

photo 3

Crazy! 500 guests in one year! Watch this video of the 500th person showing up:
 In case the video above doesn’t work. Click the link.Sarah 500th Guest

Do you fear hosting people?  Sarah shares her fears before she got started, gives us practical tips on hosting people, and shares  fun stories about her experiences.  She started not knowing any of her neighbors and now knows their stories and dreams. 

Her story will inspire you.  Enjoy this interview with Sarah Harmeyer with Neighbor’s Table.

Highlights from this interview:

  1. March of 2011, she realizes she loves to gather with people.
  2. In 2012 her word to focus on was “Community”.
  3. Her goal for 2012 was to have 500 people around her table.
  4. She made it a priority to learn each person’s story.
  5. She shares how to love people while hosting them for dinner.
  6. She shares how to create conversation around the table.
  7. She has a trick on how to get people to feel free to bring food to share.
  8. You’ll hear how she got over the fear of not being Martha Stewart, but instead being able to serve McDonald’s Happy Meals.
  9. She emphasizes not expecting anything in return.  Her goal is to give.

You won’t want to miss her conclusion of some very simple, practical tips for inviting and hosting people.


Visit Sarah’s Facebook page.

Here is Sarah’s Twitter account.

Her challenge to us is to host 20 people over the month of November, because we are all normal and this is what others want.

Here are pictures of the table:
photo 1

photo 4

photo 2

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