#019: An Honest Interview with Andy Traub


Andy Traub is the founder of the Take Permission Network. He wrote a great book, The Early To Rise Experience. I now place my alarm clock across the room forcing myself to get up early in order to write before the day really gets rolling. It has revolutionized my productivity.

We wanted to interview Andy, because he has successfully befriended people by being intentional. Andy made these friends while starting his own business with small children at home, which means he was quite busy.

Early to rise

Here are some highlights from the interview:

1. As in the animal kingdom, when one is pulled from the herd, it can be picked off. We experience the same thing as humans when we are alone. (Plus I am going to steal his Gazelle analogy.)
2. Friendship will cost us. Often times, the cost is skipping TV time.
3. Your spouse is NOT your best friend, despite what the Hallmark Card says.
4. Tell the truth in all areas of your life.

Andy is a down to earth and engaging person.  You’ll feel like you have a new friend! You’ll be challenged by his book. Go buy his book. Here is a link, Early to Rise.

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