#26: What Your Friends Really Want for Christmas [podcast]


I know I am supposed to call my friends, yet I can let it slip down the priority level and go months without calling. Christmas is a SUPER time for me to call my friends and yours. (Not for me to call your friends, but for you to call your friends.)


Vintage Christmas card of Santa Claus making a phone call

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Why Phone Calls are the Best Gifts to Give:

1. Caring Deeply: Gifts may or may not show how much you care about the person. A phone call show that you care, because it is personal.

2. Life Information: Gifts don’t reveal any information about your life or theirs. When you call, you are going to get and give real life information, which is what people want to know.

3. Connecting: Calls allow you to connect at a deeper level, because your voice conveys emotion. You will be sharing about life and personal items.

4. Relief: Your friends want to call you as well. You will provide them relief that they got to connect with you. If you send a gift and they don’t send you one, they will have guilt.


3 Reasons people are easier to call at Christmas.

1. Social: Christmas Day is often a relaxing day, which allows people to be more social. There is also a social norm to call on holidays, especially Christmas.

2. Starter: You have a great first question, “How was your Christmas?” The follow up is, “How are you?”

3. Share: Talking about Christmas is an easy topic for your friends to get warmed up to sharing.


How do you do this?

1. 30 Minutes: Find 30 minutes in your schedule. You will likely get voicemails on half your phone calls and 2 live people for 10 minutes.

2. 4 Friends: Write down the names of 4 people you want to call. You only need to call 4 people, not the whole list.

3. 1st Question: There is an easy 1st question, “How was your Christmas?” This gets the conversation rolling, which can be the hardest part of a call.


Question: Do agree that a phone call is more meaningful than a gift? If so, why? If not, why not?


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