#21: Michael Hyatt’s Secrets to Making Great Friends. (hint: You can do exactly what he did.) [podcast]


Okay. Our respect for Michael Hyatt shot through the roof with this interview!

Michael Hyatt, former CEO for Thomas Nelson Publishing, which is the 7th largest publisher in America, now has one of the largest audiences on the web through his blog and podcast.

Why do I respect Michael so highly? For one thing, he is very intentional about everything he does in life–including friendships!  Even more than that, he expressed his genuine care for others.

In this interview, he shares his authentic journey in regards to friendship. It was during a coaching session years ago that he was surprised to be challenged regarding his friendships, alongside other areas of his life.  Since that time, he has experienced the joy of intentional friendships.

 You’ll learn what his Supper Club is and how they function. He answers the question, “What is stopping us from making Great Friends?”  You’ll learn the value of friends, and gain a road map for this journey.


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Here are some of the interview highlights:

  1. Learn how a business failure grew him closer to his friends, not farther.
  2. Learn when and why Michael got intentional about making Great Friends.
  3. Hear what Michael thinks most of us have backwards in regard to friendship.
  4. Hear his golden key to unlocking Great Friends. It is the same as Seth Godin’s. It is the same thing we advocate for.
  5. Learn why Michael’s Supper Club is a safe place to share hurts, fears, and victories without concern of gossip or being shamed.
  6. Learn a necessary action step to make time for friends.


He answers these questions:

  1. Can your great friends be from your workplace?
  2. How did he find his great friends?
  3. What is his Supper Club like? How did it help him?
  4. What is the key mindset needed to make Great Friends?


We loved his advice on making friends: Sit down a write out the ideal friend, and then go BE that friend!

I recommend you listen to Michael’s podcast and join his Platform University. Here is a link to his Podcast. Here is the link to Platform University.

Here is the link to the group that helped Michael develop his life plan that included friends.  Building Champions

Here is his podcast about how to have better dinner conversations. Michael’s Podcast on Dinner Conversation


Question: What is one thing you gained from this interview?

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