#23: You Can Live in Your Car, But You Can’t Drive Your House to Work. Interview with Sutton Parks [podcast]


Can you imagine living out of your car for months, while you use the Truck Stop for your bathroom and the community center for your showers? When it got too cold you would have to start the car up and turn the heater on. That is Sutton Parks story. Sutton  lived a normal mid-class life, until finances and drinking caught up with him. He decided to make some life changes and is turning his life upward.

How does his story relate to making friends?

Home moving / Car and trailer relocating house

If you are like me, I use the excuse that I don’t have enough money, fame or success to connect with others. Sutton had none of those things and less than most do. Dan and Joanne Miller of 48 Days are successful and famous in their niche. Sutton and the Millers are friends. How does that happen? By Sutton being intentional, serving and having gratitude. It isn’t about your success or status. It is about you being a caring, loving person.

In this interview with Sutton, we cover the following questions:

Question 1: Do you mind sharing your story of how you ended up living in your car and what got you out of it?

Question 2: As you were going through the 12 step program, you mentioned that a gentleman walked beside you through the whole process. For those questioning the power of a great friend or someone to walk with them, what was it about that relationship that helped you through the rough times?

Question 3: If you were going to advice someone on the impact of friends in their life, what advice would you give about being intentional with who you hang out with?

Question 4: Has anyone given you a good model of how to be a meaningful friend? If so, who and what have you learned?

Question 5: Any final words of advice about making friends?

I recommend Sutton’s book to anyone that wants a real life story about how gratitude can change your life.  Sutton’s book can be found here, You Can Live in Your Car, But you Can’t Drive Your House to Work. Sutton’s Website is SuttonParks.com

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