6 Keys to Accepting Others

You get the most out of dropping your offense and accepting others. Way more than they will. Sounds crazy, yet it is true. We live in a world where leaders promote their side of the story by condemning others. This habit has trickled down to all of us to the point that we condemn others at the drop of a hat. It is so common that it is hard to stop it, or even see the destructive effects it has on our friendships. It can start with something as simple as disagreeing with the bumper sticker on their car!

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4 Reasons Great Friendships are Dead and Gone, Just Like the Dodo Bird

Great friends feel like the Dodo bird. The Dodo bird existed in the past. The times have changed and now they are dead and gone.

Great Friendships ended once I got into my 30’s with a real job and family. It seemed that everyone was too busy, including myself. I would list off the reasons why Great Friends were not longer possible and give up.

When I decided to stop believing the lies, making Great Friends became a reality.

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